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About WRI

The Water Resources Institute (WRI) has been established as part of implementation of the Water Sector Reforms and in response to wide consultations that pointed out the need to address water resources related issues such as pollution, climate variability, and reduction in water availability, and to balance water needs for agriculture, energy, industry and households in the country.   The Institute is intended to bridge the gap between theory and practice. It will profile the central position of water resources in national development with a vision of ensuring that Uganda’s water resources are utilized optimally. Its core business is to be a Centre of excellence that provides cutting edge applied research and training; delivers continuous professional skills development across all levels in water resources management and development, and serves as a neutral place for dialogue and outreach.

Important documents 

WRI has four thematic areas Applied research, Dialogue, Applied Training and Outreach. For more information about the thematic areas and also the operational framework you can download.

Applied Research

Applied Training







The 10 -year Strategic Plan will be implemented in three phases
1. Immediate phase covering 2019/2020 FY,
2. Short term phase covering 2020/2024 FY and
3. Medium term phase covering 2025/2028 FY

For more information you can download the strategic plan

WRI Strategic plan


The 5-year business plan is for implementing the first five years of the strategic plan for WRI (2019-2024).

In the 5 years of Business Plan, the WRI will do the following:-

  1. Cost and price WRI’s products and services

2. Target market segments, clients, competitors and their              characteristics

3. Strategies to grow the market and competitiveness- Strengthening WRI competitiveness

4. Establishing Partnerships

5. Resource mobilization

for more information about the business plan, download

WRI Business Plan-upda

Vision & Mission

The Vision of the WRI is Uganda’s water resources are optimally utilized for all uses. Mission  The mission of the WRI is to be a Centre of excellence that provides cutting edge applied research and training; a neutral place for dialogue and outreach; for professional skills development across all levels on water resources management and development to influence practice and policy for sustainable social economic development in the country.

Functions of WRI

WRI  undertakes the following functions:
  1. Develop policy, legal, social, technological, and scientific expertise in the water resources sector;
  2. Plan, facilitate, and conduct research responsive to national and regional needs;
  3. Promote technology transfer and the dissemination and application of research results to appropriate users;
  4. Provide for education and training of scientists, engineers, and students as water resources professionals;
  5. Assist public and private interests in the planning, regulation, conservation, development, and utilization of water resources through outreach program; and
  6. Provide opportunities for research grants to be awarded by organizations under national, bilateral, multilateral, and international arrangements.