Virtual/Physical Exhibition

The Ministry of Water and Environment in collaboration with key Partners invites you to participate in the fifth Uganda Water and Environment Week (UWEWK) 2023 from Sunday 12th to 17th March 2023.

The presentations and discussions will highlight strategic issues regarding the contribution of water and environment resources to the development of Uganda.

The overall theme of UWEWK 2023 is “water and environment for climate-resilient development”

The overall goal of the exhibition is to provide a platform to all sector players to showcase new technologies, lesson learnt and best practices, this will help to assess the centrality of water and environment resources in increasing household incomes, improved quality of life of the population and achievement.

The event is expected to bring together more than 3000 (both online and physically) key stakeholders in the Water and Environment sector. The event will provide an opportunity for exposure and exchange of views, experiences, practices as well as benchmarking among scientific, business, policy and civic communities.

For exhibitors, the event will be a valuable networking and information sharing opportunity to showcase water supply, rainwater harvesting, irrigation, groundwater development and environmental resources products and services to UWEWK delegates, guests and the world at large.

If you are interested in securing an online booth space at the UWEWK 2023, please complete the  exhibitor registration form and submit to the secretariat before 24th February 2023. The online booth will be available for up to December 2024.

Bank Details are below.

Please send confirmation of payment to the Secretariat on:; and

Exhibition Registration

Form for Exhibitors
  • Section A: Contact Details

  • Section B: Exhibition Category

  • Section C: Exhibit requirements/needs: (Please indicate which areas apply)

  • Space dimensions (5’x10’ (full tent 50 seater), Back view Registration = Shs 500,000, Front view exhibition space = Shs 700,000
Bank Details
Account number: 000190088000061
Name of Bank: Bank of Uganda
Swift Code: UGBA UG KA
Mode of payment: Electronic Transfer Only

Account number: 01503616838089
Name of Bank: DFCU
Branch: Entebbe
Mode of payment: Electronic Transfer, over the counter, cheques, TTs