The UWEWK 2023 Hackathon is a national hackathon held physically and within the framework of the Uganda Water and Environment Week.  It is scheduled for Tuesday March 7th – Wednesday 8th March 2023, with focus on finding lasting solutions in the management and development of water and environment resources

Throughout the hackathon all teams will brainstorm, develop concepts and work together to create a solution that is in line with the jury criteria and that could be implemented to become real tools for the good of society.

All team members have access to mentors, workshops, open data, information on relevant subjects and other support from the partner community to be able to create the best solutions.


This call aims to identify solutions that align with the philosophy, approach and focus of the management and development of water and environment resources. In particular, this call solicits real solutions, explore the linkage between climate resilience and economic growth amidst emerging challenges in the management and development of water and environment resources, and the need for a systematic review of linkages, policy options, and knowledge gaps. Discuss innovative financing to improve access to capital for medium and long-term investments in Water and Environment developments with the implementation of measures to support climate resilience infrastructure and communities

This call is open for solutions that support management and development of water and environment resources. In one or more of the following themes

  1. a) Policy, Legal and institutional frameworks for climate-resilient development,
  2. b) Climate resilient communities, ecosystems and infrastructure.
  3. c) Capacity and partnerships for climate-resilient development,
  4. d) Innovative financing mechanisms


The UWEWK2023 Hackathon will be open to:

    1. Any student attending any university or college in Uganda in their second last or final year of study
    2. Entries are open to undergraduate and graduate students, excluding PhD.
    3. Those who graduated in less than two years are allowed to participate as long as they are endorsed by their previous universities
    4. Entries must be made by a group of 3 to 5 individuals working as a team;
    5. Entrants will be required to provide evidence of their of their association with any University or college
    6. An individual may only participate in a single team.
    7. Participants from each team can come from different colleges or universities
    8. All submissions must be in English
Activity Timelines
Call out to Students and Universities 30th November to 19th January 2023
Submission Review 20th -31st January 2023
Engagement meeting with successful applicants (Info session) 9th February 2023
Hackathon event (Pre event for UWEWK 23) 7th -8th March 2023
Prize award 15th March 2023