Uganda Water and Environment Week 2023

Important Days

30th November 2022 – Call for abstract sent out

18th Jan 2023 – Info session on how to write abstract

2nd Feb 2023 – Deadline for receiving abstracts

2nd February 2023 – Info session on hackathon

3rd – 4th Feb 2023 – Write shop on abstract

28th Feb – 10th March 2023 – Walk for Water Environment for climate resilience development

7th and 8th March 2023 – UWEWK 2023 Hackathon


This year UWEWK2023 will explore:

  • The linkage between climate resilience and economic growth amidst emerging challenges in the management and development of water and environment resources, and the need for a systematic review of linkages, policy options, and knowledge gaps.
  • The balance between pre-disaster and post-disaster investment needs to be examined more explicitly
  • Innovative financing to improve access to capital for medium and long-term investments in Water and Environment developments with the implementation of measures to support climate resilience infrastructure.
  • A better understanding of which tools work well for vulnerable populations and  recognizing that different tools might be needed to respond to different needs

The UWEWK 2023 is intrinsically linked to: NPDIII, SDGs Vision 2040 and looks at integrating climate resilience into growth and development policies, requiring a concerted, long-term approach and an explicit inclusion into national planning and budgeting processes.  It further focuses on a community-based adaptation approach that is closely associated with rural and other vulnerable people striving to improve their livelihood against the imminent and long-term threat of climate change.  It involves among others community-led interventions which are indigenous and nature-built with the knowledge and strength within the community and its resources in coordination with sustainable management and development of water and environment resources.

Overall Objective of UWEWK2023

The overall goal of UWEWK 2023 is improved understanding of the linkages between climate resilience, economic growth and improved livelihood of communities in emerging challenges in management and development of water and environment resources in Uganda, and the need for a systematic review of linkages, policy options and knowledge gaps with a view of addressing these challenges.

Specific Objectives of the UWEWK2023

The specific objectives of UWEWK 2023 shall be to:

  1. Highlight the role of inclusiveness in water and environment systems for climate resilient communities and ecosystem
  1. Identify policy, legal and institutional approaches for enhancing water and environment security for climate resilient development
  2. Explore opportunities for developing and strengthening capacity and multi-stakeholder partnerships for climate resilient developments
  3. Deliberate on innovative financing for climate resilient socio-economic development.

Overall theme for UWEWK 2023

The overall theme of UWEWK 2023 is “water and environment for climate-resilient development”

UWEWK2023 Subthemes

  1. Policy, Legal and institutional frameworks for climate-resilient development,
  2. Climate resilient communities, ecosystems and infrastructure.
  3. Capacity and partnerships for climate-resilient development,
  4. Innovative financing mechanism

UWEWK 2023 Documents, guiding documents and registration forms.

For any registration, download the form, fill it with the necessary information then share with the secretariat

Guide for write up on the field sites 2023

Guide for side events UWEWK 2023

Guide for Applied Training 2023

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