The Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) in collaboration with key partners has so far held three annual UWEWKs: in March 2018; March 2019 and; September 2020. These events attracted high-level political participation including the Vice President and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda, and other stakeholders both nationally and internationally.  In addition, the sector professionals, private sector and academic communities presented papers, exchanged knowledge and built relationships. MWE through the Water Resources Institute (WRI) will hold the fourth UWEWK at the Water Resource Institute in Entebbe from Monday 22nd March to Friday 26th March 2021. The event will start with the annual commemoration of three important International Days: World Forest Day (March 21st), World Water Day (March 22nd) and World Meteorological Day (March 23rd) on 22rd March 2021.

The UWEWK 2021 is intrinsically linked to: NPDIII which focuses on enhancing value addition in key growth opportunities; reduce environmental degradation and the adverse effects of climate change as well as improve utilization of natural resources for sustainable economic growth and livelihood security.

Overall theme UWEWK 2021

The overall theme of UWEWK 2021 is “Water and Environment security for socio-economic transformation of Uganda”.

Under the major theme, the following sub-themes are proposed to elaborate on value of water and environment security in transforming Uganda’s economy and improved livelihood for socio-economic development.

a) Valuing Water and Environment resources for socio-economic transformation of Uganda;

b) Water and Environment in a creative economy;

c) Managing Water and Environment shocks and

d) Water and Environment security for smart urban growth

Publications for UWEWK 2021

Concept Note UWEWK 2021-Final- Hybrid (online & physical)

UWEWK 2021 Magazine

Call for Abstracts UWEWK 2021 (2)

UWEWK 2021 Report

UWEWK PROGRAM -2021 final

UWEWK 2021 Summary

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