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WRI Brochure

WRI Brochure: The Water Resources Institute (WRI) was established as part of implementation of the Water Sector Reforms (2003-2005) in response to wide consultations that pointed out the need to address water resources related issues such as pollution, climate variability, and reduction in water availability, and to balance water needs for agriculture, energy, industry and households in the country.


Benefits: NELSAP-CU renders support to national initiatives and focuses
on two investment areas of: (i) power development and trade; and (ii) natural resources management and development. NELSAP-CU has prepared a number of cooperative in country and regional trans-boundary projects, which are at various levels of
preparation and implementation. NELSAP-CU mobilized USD 557.107 million cumulative finance to-date for preinvestment programs of and additional USD 493.018 million for investment projects.

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Outreach is the process through which linkages are created with other organizations, specific groups of people such as politicians, students, the private sector and development partners, academics, students, media and general public. The Water Resources Institute (WRI) will engage in outreach to increase the sharing of the Institute’s wide experience, new ideas, innovations and practices in water and environment related issues.


Dialog In the context of the Water Resources Institute, dialogues shall aim at supporting effective policy-making that
strengthens water resources management and development, while predicting and preventing emerging risks.
Hence, the flow of information and knowledge from the dialogues on innovative approaches and practices
will be a critical element in understanding the Water and Environment sector, and agreeing how to improve
the sector.

Applied Training

Applied training is one of the four focus areas of the Water Resources Institute. The Water Resources Institute
will use the Applied Training approach to learning and teaching to enhance the skills and knowledge of sector
professionals, with the wider aim to help solving the practical problems in the water and environment sector.

Applied Research

Applied Research: At the WRI, applied research shall be central to development and delivery of capacity building
through Applied Training, dialogues, and outreach, leading to a more formalised process of
knowledge generation and evidence-based decisions in policy formulation and review.

WRI 10 Years Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan: This is the pioneer ten-year Strategic Plan (SP) (2019-2028) designed to guide the Water Resources Institute in pursuing its mandate, mission, objectives and functions.

WRI 5 Years Business Plan

The Business Plan for Water Resources Institute This Business Plan is for implementing the first five years (2019-2024) of the Strategic Plan. The Business Plan identifies key investments and the respective budgets for implementation. Besides giving effect to the operationalisation of the first 5 years of the WRI-Strategic Plan (2019-2028), it is a tool for guiding the WRI management in planning, building strategic formal partnerships and mobilizing financial and other resources. The WRI will however make annual plans and budgets in tandem with current Government planning and budgeting cycle and practices.